PEN Protesta! Blog #2

Written by Marian Botsford Fraser, Chair of the Writers in Prison Committee, PEN International

From the garden at Maria Cristina Hotel, Mexico City: we are looking at El Universal, the Mexican newspaper that has run our full page ad, addressed to Mexican writers and journalists, signed by 170 writers from all around the world. It is beautiful (designed by PEN American Center); it also appears today in French in the prestigious Montreal paper, Le Devoir. It is a powerful document, the names of writers floating below a statement of solidarity, printed in black.
This morning we have our first meetings with Mexican officials, where we will present our recommendations, and ask questions about why the culture of impunity has reigned for 25 years in Mexico.

Read the ad here and add your name to the PEN Protesta! letter to the Mexican authorities.

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Read more about the delegation and view today’s as here.

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