Writers for Peace meet at Lake Bled

Executive Director Laura McVeigh writes from the Writers for Peace Committee meeting at Bled, Slovenia

Lake BledI am writing from the 44th Writers for Peace Committee meeting which takes place this week at Lake Bled in Slovenia. PEN members from around the world are gathered together to debate, discuss and develop ideas on key issues of our times. In a series of round table presentations we are hearing members’ presentations on the themes of civilisation, modernity and paths to peace. Writers from Slovenia are joinned by writers from over twenty-five PEN Centres ranging as far afield as Central Asia, Somali-speaking PEN and New Zealand.

Topics for discussion over the coming days include ‘Literature and Interculturality’, ‘The Perennial Modern’, ‘Culture, Literature and Languages’, ‘Any future for Literature?’ , ‘The Global Happiness Index’ and ‘Sharing as a Path to Peace’.

As we look to the future, Writers for Peace continue to develop new, meaningful ways of responding to, influencing and shaping key debates of our times. With the challenges of conflict across the world shifting in form yet ever prevalent, the Writers for Peace Committee provides an essential and dynamic space for shared dialogue, for challenge, for tolerance and most importantly for understanding.