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Resolutions adopted by the assembly of Delegates of PEN International, meeting at its 81st World congress in Québec, Canada, 13  to 16 October 2015.

1.RESOLUTION on Australia

2.RESOLUTION on Saudi Arabia

3.RESOLUTION on Bangladesh



6.RESOLUTION on Eritrea

7.RESOLUTION on Honduras


9.RESOLUTION on the Islamic Republic Of Iran

10. RESOLUTION on Mexico

11.RESOLUTION on the Republic Of the Union Of Myanmar

12.RESOLUTION on Ethiopia

13.RESOLUTION on the Control of the Internet and online media

14.RESOLUTION on The Right to Freedom of speech & The situation of writers in the Autonomous Region of Tibet

15. RESOLUTION on Turkey. Submitted by Norwegian PEN, seconded by German PEN and PEN America

16.RESOLUTION on The Socialist Republic Of Viet Nam

17.RESOLUTION on Writers at Risk

18.RESOLUTION on Civic Space

19.RESOLUTION on Criminal defamation

20. RESOLUTION on Anti-LGBTQI Legislation in 75 Countries Restricts the right to freedom of expression

21.RESOLUTION on Mass surveillance and its chilling effect on freedom of speech

22.RESOLUTION on the Balkans

23.RESOLUTION on The situation in Turkey and the Middle East crisis

24.RESOLUTION on Portuguese language

25.RESOLUTION on Occitan Language in France

26.RESOLUTION on Kurdish Women

27.RESOLUTION on Amazon and other companies

28.RESOLUTION on the Refugee crisis


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