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President – Ousmane Tounkara
Address – Centre PEN, quartier N’Diolou, Commune Urbaine de Labé, BP 107, Labé, République de Guinée
Tel. – + 224 51 05 54 / 60 37 18 19
Email – centrepenguinee@gmail.com; Bigel81@yahoo.fr

Secretary – Zeinab Koumanthio Diallo
Address – PEN International Centre de Guinée B.P. 107 – Labe, Republic of Guinea
Email – koumanthio@yahoo.fr

About Us
Guinean PEN was established in by the Women Writers Association of Guinea, which makes it one of the few Centres that has a majority of women writers as members. The Centre runs its own museum and cultural centre and raises the majority of its funds through income-generating activities including performances and cultural activities.

The focus for much of the Centre’s work is to use literature and cultural events to raise awareness of social issues, and to introduce communities who do not normally have access, to the world of literature. This includes projects promoting reading in rural agricultural communities and using literature to support the rights of women and girls.