Norwegian PEN condemns terrorist attack against French satirical magazine in Paris

Norwegian PEN condemns today’s terrorist attack against the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in which 12 people are reported killed.

This is a gross attack on freedom of expression which is the core of our democracies,” says Norwegian PEN President William Nygaard. He adds that it is also an attack on the free press and free journalism and it is important that the terrorist attack does not lead to self-censorship.

Asked by the daily Dagbladet whether something similar could happen in Norway, says Norwegian PEN Secretary General, Carl Morten Iversen: “This demonstrates that one apparently is not safe anywhere. It is extremely discouraging. I have no other information about this than what can be read in online newspapers, but this magazine has been previously attacked.”

So far there is no one who is detained or has assumed responsibility for the terrorist attack. “It is important now to confirm who is behind the attack and to act with prudence,” says William Nygaard and adds: “Ethnic diverse and complex societies in Europe must, in such a situation, emphasize unity, not siunity as the attackers probably want. The media will play an important role in this regard. ”


PEN appalled by savage attack on French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo