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Given the blockade of the web edition of the prestigious newspaper Página|12, Argentina PEN centre, together with other PEN centres, join to the claims of The Association of Newspaper publishers of the city of Buenos Aires (Aedba), warning of an attack ‘against freedom of expression and the right to information of citizens’ and calling the competent authorities to clarify the facts.

The website of Página|12 suffered recently (as explained by its executives), ‘an attack of an unknown origin that involves sending an amount of traffic’, visitors to the website, that the server does not support, meaning that it cannot continue providing services, and as a consequence the site becomes inaccessible to legitimate users. The exponential proliferation of ghost visits became permanent in the recent days, with a traffic up to twenty times higher than usual. Computer experts claim that it is a case of service denial without precedent in the country.

PEN Argentina, local chapter of PEN International that safeguards literature and freedom of expression, is regulated by the PEN charter and the principles it represents: The transmission of thought within each nation and among all nations. In the Charter adopted at the congress of PEN International in Gyeongju, South Korea, in September 2012, this institution recognizes ‘the promise of digital media as a tool to fulfil the fundamental right to free expression’. Understands, however, that in different parts of the world, poets, playwrights, essayists, novelists, writers, bloggers and journalists suffer the violation of their right to freedom of expression by using digital media.

This is why PEN declares among other points, the following:

  • Everyone has the right to freedom of expression trough digital media without the fear of reprisal or persecution.
  • Governments should actively protect freedom of expression in digital media by enacting and implementing effective laws and regulations.

Therefore, it urges to take drastic measures so that a similar case does not happen again and all Argentinian publications can be read worldwide.

Executive commission:
Argentina PEN Centre
Montevideo 1545, 2do piso

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