PEN Kenya: Training and Supporting Human Rights Defenders

Cropped Picture Human Rights Defenders from Mombasa at a PEN Kenya Centre Training

In 2013, PEN Kenya Centre organized training and offered support for 20 Human Rights defenders from Mombasa. The aim of the PEN Civil Society Programme was to increase the number of skilled Human Rights defenders in the Coast of Kenya, and it consisted of a two-day workshop, during which also as a training manual on Human Rights issues was compiled. The training itself covered various aspects of human rights defence, including advocacy, strategy, and networking, and participants were trained on all major aspects of human rights issues.

PEN Kenya’s activities form part of a new International Programmes initiative jointly supported by PEN International and the Swedish International Development Agency. The aim of the new initiative is to support civil society and capacity building activities in several countries including, among others, Zambia, Sierra Leone, Puerto Rico, Cambodia, Nepal, Philippines, Guinea, Malawi and Ghana.

For more information please contact International Programmes Officer Emese Kovács:

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