Report on Centre Activities: Day of the Imprisoned Writer 2014

The 15 November 2014 marked the 33rd anniversary of the Day of the Imprisoned Writer.

Each year PEN Centres and members worldwide commemorate the Day of the Imprisoned Writer to raise awareness of the unjust imprisonment and other forms of attack against writers around the globe, to remember those who have been killed, and stand in solidarity with imprisoned and threatened colleagues.

Every year, in the lead up to the 15 November, the Writers in Prison Committee of PEN International carefully selects five cases (one from each of the regions on which we work) which are of particular concern to us, and which are often emblematic in some way of a broader, worrying trend within the region, such as impunity or the abuse of ill-defined anti-terrorism legislation. This year our highlighted cases were: Azimjon Askarov, Mahvash Sabet, Gao Yu, Nelson Aguilera, Dieudonné Enoh Meyomesse.

On Day of the Imprisoned Writer in 2014, PEN Centres across the world came together and stood in solidarity with our persecuted friends and colleagues. Centres organised protests, awards ceremonies, public readings and  literary events in order to direct public attention not only towards the above five cases, but towards all writers who suffer persecution in whatever form, purely for exercising their right to freedom of expression.

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