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PEN International is a membership organisation of writers; therefore, prospective members must be involved with writing in some way. We ask writers who wish to become part of our worldwide community to first join us at Centre level. Look at our world map to find a Centre where you live, in your country or region, or with which you share a language. Each Centre has its own set of requirements for membership; some have associate memberships available or special memberships for students or people with no fixed income. When you’ve joined a Centre, you are then linked to PEN International worldwide.

If you don’t consider yourself a writer or as someone who works with writers, but do consider yourself a lover of literature, we’d still like to hear from you: join our Facebook group, follow us on Twitter, read our magazine and blog, come to our events, participate in a campaign and write a letter to a government on behalf of a writer, or simply just keep up to date with our work. We may be a community of writers and for writers, but we are here for readers as well – after all, if it weren’t for readers, writers would have no one with whom to share their work. This special relationship is at the heart of PEN International.