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Barcelona, 6 June 2012.
Catalan PEN has expressed to the PEN International Translation and Linguistic Rights Committee its deep concern that in recent years different governments, both at the central and the regional level, in particular in the Balearic Islands and Valencia, have accelerated actions intended to undermine the role of the Catalan language in the school system, in public administration and the media.

The Committee has registered these reports with the deepest of concern and undertakes, in the framework of the Girona Manifesto on Linguistic Rights which has been officially presented in Barcelona under the Chair of the President of Catalonia, on June 5th 2012*, to examine them urgently and carefully and take a recommendation to the next General Assembly of PEN to be held in Korea (September 13th to 15th, 2012).

Barcelona, June 6th 2012

*The Girona Manifesto was officially approved by the General Assembly of PEN International at the Annual World Congress, Belgrade, on September 15th 2011, and outlines PEN’s core values and principles on Linguistic Rights. Read the Manifesto in over 60 languages and the background to the document here.

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