Having successfully campaigned to revert the government’s decision to make literature an optional module for secondary school students, in 2009 the Centre launched a campaign to sensitise teachers, students, and parents to the change in the curriculum. Through a combination of press conferences and features in both print and electronic media, members of the Centre have been active in publicising the changes in legislation as widely as possible to ensure they are reflected in every school.

To follow up on its advocacy work Malawi PEN is planning to focus in 2013 on the upcoming change in the secondary school curriculum from Objective Based Approach to a more student centred Outcomes Based Approach. Through the project Malawian PEN aims to help the participating secondary schools in the transition and highlight the importance of critical thinking through its work with the secondary schools and the writers’ workshops at university colleges. Malawi PEN is also planning to work closely and support the rural women’s reading group at Namisu by supplying the reading group with books and organising bi-monthly visits and reading activities for the group.