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‘Literature knows no frontiers…‘ PEN International Charter 1926

The importance of the art of translation is at the heart of the PEN charter, which champions the unhampered transmission of thought within each nation and between all nations; beyond national and linguistic borders and beyond conventional literary expectations. Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to translate for PEN International.


Anne-Laure has been working as an eLearning consultant for 10 years. Education, pedagogy and knowledge teansfer are her passion. She designs and realises online trainings for large company’s employees. She also coaches experts to help them popularise their work so that it can be taught to anyone.

Anne-Laure has a masters in English to French translation, which she practiced at the very beginning of her professional life, and she now uses these skills by volunteering for organisations like PEN which help causes that are important to her.

She also can translate from German to French.

Contact: alamiard [at] gmail.com

Translations for PEN

Journée mondiale de la Poésie 2016 : agissez pour Ashraf Fayadh
Résolution n°26 : à propos de la situation des femmes kurdes
RESOLUTION n°14 : la liberté d’expression et la situation des écrivains dans la Régionautonome du Tibet
Célébration de la journée internationale de la traduction
Déclaration du Sommet PEN Amériques
Journée internationale de la femme: PEN se mobilisera contre la persécution de trois femmes écrivains courageuses
La Lettre de PEN International 1 décembre 2014
12. RÉSOLUTION Honduras
17. RÉSOLUTION Turquie