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‘Literature knows no frontiers…‘ PEN International Charter 1926

The importance of the art of translation is at the heart of the PEN charter, which champions the unhampered transmission of thought within each nation and between all nations; beyond national and linguistic borders and beyond conventional literary expectations. Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to translate for PEN International.



Being a native Russian speaker Luba also has Master’s degree in Russian language. She enjoys travelling and writing. She taught Russian in UK to private clients and translated a variety of documents for public and private use. She is a freelance English-Russian translator and interpreter and currently lives in the UK.

Contact: luba.penman (at)sky.com

Translations for PEN:

Законопроект о запрете “пропаганды нетрадиционных сексуальных отношений” в Кыргызстане