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PEN International works with PEN Centres around the world to promote the right to write.  Our International Programmes extend this to the right to read, upon the principle that through reading and writing individuals are able to exercise their freedom expression.

Through our International Programmes, PEN Centres and Regional Networks provide individuals with the resources, training and environment needed in order to engage with ideas and the world of the imagination. With such skills, individuals are able to make their voices heard, and to amplify those of their communities, thus contributing to the development of free expression in their societies.

PEN International and the Swedish International Development Agency have recently started a new, joint initiative. The aim of the new initiative is to support civil society and capacity building activities in several countries including, among others, Zambia, Sierra Leone, Central Asia, Cambodia, Nepal, Philippines, Guinea, Malawi and Ghana. You may find further information on the supported programmes below.

Zambia: Creating a Nation of Readers and Writers
Creative writing workshops in Puerto Rico
PEN Youth Clubs in Ghana
Philippine PEN’s anthology and teacher training workshops in Mindanao
Sierra Leone school clubs to expand across the country’s four regions
Human Rights Summer School in Central Asia

For more information please contact International Programmes Officer Emese Kovács: emese.kovacs@pen-international.org