The objective of this programme is to open spaces of free expression through literary workshops for the students of the National Autonomous University in Honduras. Since 2011 the University has become a problematic space where student’s right to express themselves, and their right to social protest, is systematically attacked by the university authorities.

The workshops are held regularly throughout term time, and are led by PEN Honduras with the participation of Honduran writers, other civil society actors and freedom of expression organisations.

The workshops consist of round tables at which various literary works are discussed through the lens of freedom of expression. The programme aims to:
– Allow students to openly discuss issues which affect them within the university
– Involve Honduran writers in events happening in Autonomous University in order to highlight to freedom of expression violations happening there
– Open channels of communication between the university authorities and the students
– Strengthening the position of Honduras PEN as a civil society actor by gaining recognition within the university community