This project will hold 24 staged dramatic readings over a two-year cycle. It seeks to impact a new generation of Lebanese people to be active and to inspire both creative production and social action. The overall aim of this project is to engender a greater connection to literature and creative art to young people throughout Lebanon, and to forge this connection through working with difficult but crucial topics within Lebanese society today.
The primary target is young people, both secondary school and university students and others of the same age who are not able to be in school (target ages, 14-21 years). These include women and men, Lebanese and non-Lebanese, Arabic and non-Arabic speakers.

The key issues that PEN Lebanon is committed to and which the staged readings will address are: domestic/family and gendered violence in Lebanon and migration and forced migration both to and from Lebanon. The readings will take place in refugee camps as well as outside camps, in an effort to bridge these communities and also bring together. PEN Lebanon will also be working with other local associations and community groups, as well as NGO partners advocating on these issues.