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PEN International celebrates literature and promotes freedom of expression. Founded in 1921, our global community of writers now spans more than 100 countries. Our campaigns, events, publications and programmes aim to connect writers and readers wherever they are in the world. PEN International is a non-political organisation and holds special consultative status at the United Nations.

In a world where independent voices are increasingly stifled, PEN is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.’
Margaret Atwood, PEN Vice President.

‘When another writer in another house is not free, no writer is free. This, indeed, is the spirit that informs the solidarity felt by PEN, by writers all over the world.’
Orhan Pamuk, Nobel Prize Laureate, Arthur Miller Freedom to Write Lecture at the PEN World Voices Festival, 2006.

In time of division between countries, PEN International is one of the rare institutions to keep a bridge constantly open.’
Mario Vargas Llosa, Former PEN International President and Nobel Laureate.

‘My respect for this organization [PEN] has no borders and among the organizations that help writers, PEN has been so fierce, so consistent and ferocious in its efforts that is difficult to ignore their worldwide fame and their impact.’
Toni Morrison, 2008 PEN/Borders Literary Service Award.

16/12/2014 The Guardian Arrests of Turkish journalists widely condemned across the world
12/12/2014 Newsweek Turkish Authors Accused of Criticising Government on Behalf of West
12/12/2014 The Guardian Turkish novelists Orhan Pamuk and Elif Shafak accused of being Western stooges by pro-government press
3/12/2014 Dhaka Tribune PEN concern over Bergman’s punishment
2/12/2014 The Telegraph British journalist found guilty of contempt in Bangladesh
2/12/2014 The Guardian British journalist found guilty of contempt in Bangladesh
30/11/2014 City Press Hottest novel of the year 
22/11/2014 Forbes Asia: Journalists Killed, Jailed And Otherwise Intimidated With Governments Complicit
22/11/2014 The Daily Star (Bangladesh) When the pen is mightier than the sword
21/11/2014 Mail & Guardian Getting under the skin of the new SA with Masande Ntshanga
17/11/2014 CNN Turk (Turkey) Uluslararası PEN’in Dünya Hapisteki Yazarlar Günü
16/11/2014 Medyatava (Turkey) PEN, ‘Dünya Hapisteki Yazarlar Günü’nde basın toplantısı düzenledi!
16/11/2014 Zaman (Turkey) Devlet, kendisi gibi olmayandan öç alıyor
15/11/2014 Irish Times Writers’ group PEN champions jailed poet Mahvash Sabet
14/11/2014 NPR In Support Of Persecuted Colleagues, Writers Turn To Letters
14/11/2014 ActuaLitté Une journée mondiale en hommage aux écrivains prisonniers
14/11/2014 La Nación (Paraguay) Escritores sientan postura ante la condena de Nelson Aguilera
14/11/2014 La Nación (Argentina)  Instan a los gobiernos a liberar a escritores “injustamente” presos
14/11/2014 The Guardian Day of the Imprisoned Writer: Dieudonné Enoh Meyomesse
14/11/2014 Deutsche Welle (China)  高瑜的冬天
14/11/2014 Deutsche Welle (Germany) Gao Yu: Gefangen, aber nicht vergessen
14/11/2014 Deutsche Welle Gao Yu: Imprisoned, but not silenced
13/11/2014 VOF (Central Asia) Письмо надежды: Азимжан, ты не одинок
13/11/2014 The Guardian Day of the Imprisoned Writer: Gao Yu
13/11/2014 IFEX PEN hace un llamamiento a los gobiernos para que liberen a escritores injustamente encarcelados
13/11/2014 IFEX Jour de l’écrivain emprisonné: PEN International appelle les gouvernements à libérer les écrivains injustement emprisonnés
12/11/2014 The Guardian Day of the Imprisoned Writer: Nelson Aguilera
11/11/2014 The Guardian Day of the Imprisoned Writer: Azimjon Askarov
11/11/2014 Bahá’í World News Service International writers plea for release of imprisoned Iranian Baha’i leader
11/11/2014 O Globo Carles Torner, poeta e escritor: ‘Há 900 escritores presos no mundo’
10/11/2014 The Star Day of the Imprisoned Writer : ‘You can’t see the sorrow after lights out’
10/11/2014 The Guardian Day of the Imprisoned Writer: Mahvash Sabet
10/11/2014 The Guardian Leading authors mount international open-letter protest to defend 900 persecuted writers
04/11/2014 Tiempo PEN, Honduras
30/10/2014 Liberian Observer PEN Congress Approves Liberia Center
28/10/2014 Electronic Frontier Foundation EFF Calls for the Release of Vietnamese Blogger Dang Xuan Dieu
27/10/2014 Heritage Liberia PEN Liberia goes International
24/10/2014 La Nacion Cinco días en Kirguistán, entre yurts y escritores
24/10/2014 Global Voices Kyrgyzstan Ready to Adopt Gay Propaganda Law
23/10/2014 Books Live Interview with Margie Orford: Freedom of Expression Can Never be Seen as a “Nice to Have” Right
21/10/2014 Radio Free Asia PEN International Resolution to Protect Tibetan Language
21/10/2014 CNW Jailed Saudi blogger receives PEN Canada’s One Humanity Award
20/10/2014 Books Live Margie Orford Elected to the Board of PEN International
17/10/2014 Panorama>>AM Europe to condemn persecution of Azerbaijani journalists Khadija Ismaylova
16/10/2014 Reporters Without Borders Stop Harassment and Legal Action Against Leading Investigative Journalist
15/10/2014 The Knight Center for Journalism, University of Texas TV news anchor banned in Honduras as press freedoms continue to deteriorate
15/10/2014 Books Live Introducing Masande Ntshanga’s Explosive Debut Novel, The Reactive
08/10/2014 London Review of Books Blog In Bishkek
08/10/2014 Phayul PEN International calls for freedom of speech in Tibet
06/10/2014 UNPO East Turkestan: International PEN Congress Condemns Sentencing of Ilham Tohti
05/10/2014 The New York Times Putinspeak in Kyrgyzstan
05/10/2014 The China Post International writers strike at Beijing for ‘cultural genocide’
04/10/2014 Inquirer Int’l writers hit Beijing for ‘cultural genocide’
03/10/2014 The Guardian Honduran TV news anchor banned from journalism for 16 months
03/10/2014 EurasiaNet Visiting Kyrgyzstan, PEN International Calls for Askarov’s Release
03/10/2014 UACA News The «Golden Stool» literary club in AUCA has proposed its representative from Kyrgyzstan for the 80th Congress of the PEN-club
02/10/2014 AKIPress 80th PEN International Congress members call to free 3 writers detained in Kyrgyzstan, China, Kazakhstan
02/10/2014 Barakelde Бишкекте PEN-клубунун 80-конгрессинин алкагында маданий кече өттү (фото)
02/10/2014 Gezitter Президент КР встретился с участниками конгресса PEN International
02/10/2014 Vesti В Бишкеке завершился 80-й Конгресс международного PEN-клуба
02/10/2014 KG Inform Алмазбек Атамбаев встретился с участниками Конгресса PEN International
02/10/2014 Counter Punch Президент Алмазбек Атамбаев встретился с участниками 80-го Конгресса PEN International
30/09/2014 В Бишкеке впервые проходит конгресс писателей PEN
30/09/2014 Fergana News Кыргызстан: Жена пожизненно заключенного А.Аскарова обратилась к членам конгресса Международного PEN клуба
30/09/2014 Gazeta Писатели из 80 стран мира собрались в Бишкеке
25/09/2014 Gazeta Бишкек на неделю станет столицей литературного мира
08/08/2014 الرابطة الدولية للقلم تدين قتل الصحفيين الفلسطينيين والعدوان على وسائل الاعلام الفلسطينية
المزيد على دنيا الوطن

10/07/2014 Oki Media Фоторепортаж – В Бишкеке прошла акция «Бишкек — литературная столица мира
09/07/2014 News Asia Бишкек на неделю станет столицей литературного мира
04/07/2014 24KG В Бишкеке пройдет социально-культурная акция в поддержку 80-го конгресса международного ПЕН-клуба
04/07/2014 Kabar Впервые в Бишкеке пройдет акция «Бишкек – литературная столица мира»
04/07/2014 Kyrtag
04/07/2014 Limon Life Бишкек – литературная столица мира
04/07/2014 GMA News Philippine PEN to hold literature workshop and writers forum in Naga
17/06/2014 LA Times Nobel laureates denounce Russia’s war of words with Ukraine
17/06/2014 The Guardian Russia ‘using words to destroy meaning’, say writers
16/06/2014 VOA #KeepingScore: During FIFA 2014, Rights Group Campaigning to Defend Free Expression
14/06/2014 IFEX #KeepingScore: Defend free expression at World Cup 2014
11/06/2014 LA Times PEN condemns slaying of Thai poet Mainueng K. Kunthee
31/05/2014 Liberian Observer PEN Liberian Chapter To Protect Writers
25/04/2014 Radio Progreso HN Ejercicio Periodístico se Realiza en Suelo Movedizo y en Total Indefensión
09/04/2014 Ottawa Citizen Canada should press Honduras on free speech
09/04/2014 Embassy Not too late to change Canada-Honduras trade deal
28/03/2014 The Guardian Why freedom of expression is under threat in Turkey
28/03/2014 The Guardian Turkey and Twitter: major authors join PEN International appeal end to ban
28/03/2014 Today’s Zaman Leading international literary writers join PEN in calling for greater freedom of expression in Turkey
28/03/2014 Hürriyet PEN’den Twitter ve YouTube mektubu
28/03/2014 Radikal PEN’den YouTube ve Twitter mektubu
28/03/2014 The Bookseller Major authors express Turkey concern
28/03/2014 TIME Salman Rushdie and Other Authors Urge Turkey to Lift Twitter Ban
28/03/2014 Deutsche Welle Erdogan loses own voice after seeking to silence his online critics
28/03/2014 Bianet Twitter and Youtube Letter From PEN’s Writers
25/08/2014 Myanmar Times PEN meets with Ye Htut, Suu Kyi
21/03/2014 The Guardian For World Poetry Day – dissident poets from PEN International
14/02/2014 The Sydney Morning Herald Writers on the barricades
07/02/2014 Counter Punch Honduras and Mexico: Open Season on Journalists
07/02/2014 The Moscow Times Writers Denounce Repressive Russian Laws in Open Letter
06/02/2014 The Guardian Sochi 2014: World Authors Join Protest Against Putin
06/02/2014 The Guardian Russia Today is Like a Lost Chapter from Orwell
06/02/2014 The Guardian Russian Laws Choking Free Speech Must Be Repealed Now
06/02/2014 The Guardian Salman Rushdie Leads Protest against Russian ‘Chokehold’ on Free Speech
06/02/2014 Frankfurter Allgemeine Feuilleton International Writers Urge Russia to repeal Repressing Laws 
06/02/2014 Los Angeles Times Authors call on Putin to release ‘chokehold’ on expression in Russia
06/02/2014 The New York Times A Spotlight on Mr. Putin’s Russia
06/02/2014 Le Monde JO de Sotchi : 200 Écrivains Signent une Lettre Ouverte Contre les Lois Russes Homophobes
06/02/2014 Deutsche Welle Двести писателей осудили законы, ограничивающие свободу мнений в России
06/02/2014 Gay Star News More than 200 Authors Condemn Russia’s ‘Choking’ Anti-Gay Laws
06/02/2014 Sky News Authors Slaw Russia Anti-Gay Laws
06/02/2014 The Telegraph More than 200 Leading Authors Protest Against Russia’s Anti-Gay and Blasphemy Laws 
06/02/2014 BBC News Authors Denounce ‘Choking’ Russian Laws
06/02/2014 Hindustan Times Salman Rushdie, Orhan Pamuk Urge Russia to Repeal ‘Chokehold’ Anti- Gay Laws
06/02/2014 Pink News More than 200 Leading Authors Condemn Russia’s Anti-Gay Laws as a ‘Chokehold’ on Freedom of Speech 
06/02/2014 Focus News World Authors Join Protest Against Russia’s Anti-Gay and Blasphemy Laws 
06/02/2014 The Daily Express Salman Rushdie Slams Russia’s Anti-Gay Law 
06/02/2014 Contact Music Salman Rushdie Is the Latest to Condemn Homophobic Stance Adopted by Russia
06/02/2014 Morgublaðið  Sjón í hópi rithöfunda sem mótmæla stöðu mannréttindamála í Rússlandi
06/02/2014 Visir Sjón og kollegar hans skora á Pútín
06/02/2014 KM.RU Более 200 писателей мира призвали власти РФ отменить закон о гей-пропаганде
06/02/2014 New Times Времена инквизиции закончились?
06/02/2014 Dagbladet 200 verdenskjente kulturpersonligheter raser mot Putin
06/02/2014 Eesti Päevaleht Avalik kiri: sõnavabadust lämmatavad Vene seadused tuleb tühistada
06/02/2014 Postimees Putinile avaliku kirja saatnud kirjanike seas on ka eestlasi
06/02/2014 Eesti Päevaleht Miks võtta sõna?
06/02/2014 Forbes Более 200 известных писателей призвали Россию отменитьзакон о гей-пропаганде
05/02/2014 CJFE All Eyes on Sochi: Free Expression Under Fire in Russia 
05/02/2014 AFP Leading Authors Urge Russia to Repeal ‘Chokehold’ Anti-Gay Laws 
05/02/2014 The Toronto Star ‘Global Community Needs to Hear Diversity of Russian Opinion’
04/02/2014 Democracy Digest Eritrea’s Rights Abuses Under Fire at UN Review 
04/02/2014 Article 19 Vietnam: Deteriorating Human Rights Situation Must be addressed in Geneva 
04/02/2014 Ethiopia News Forum Paradigm Shift in US & EU Approach towards Eritrea and Ethiopia 
03/02/2014 IFEX Eritrea: UN Human Rights Review is Opportunity for Government to Lift Severe Restrictions on Free Expression
03/02/2014 Uyghur Human Rights Project Uyghur PEN Member, Writer and Academic Ilham Tohti Detained; Fears for Safety
03/02/2014 Radio Canada International Honduras: Periodismo a la Sombra de la Impunidad
03/02/2014 Info Sur Hoy Honduras: Journalists’ Lives in Grave Danger 
01/02/2014 The Latino Post Honduras: A Battleground for Journalism 
31/01/2014 Los Angeles Times Report Assails Violence Against Journalists in Honduras 
28/01/2014 Cuba Periodistas Ataques Contra Prensa Hondureña se Cometen Casi en Total Impunidad
27/01/2014 Article 19 Cambodia: UN Human Rights Review as Protest Crackdown Continues 
27/01/2014 Viet Tan Group of Human Rights Organisations Host Vietnam UPR Side Event at the Palais des Nations 
27/01/2014 Radio Free Asia Cambodian Authorities Violently Disperse Beehive Radio Protest
27/01/2014 Journalism in the Americas New Report Highlights Growing Violence, Impunity in Honduras 
27/01/2014 International Business Times Honduras: Rising Violence Against Journalists Unpunished 
24/01/2014 IFEX Report: Honduras Must End Lethal Violence Against Journalists and Climate of Impunity
24/01/2014 El Heraldo Periodismo en Honduras, una Profesión de Alto Riesgo
23/01/2014 National Post Luis Horacio Nájera: In Honduras, It’s Open Season on Journalists
23/01/2014 Huffington Post Crimes of the Past, Crimes of the Future
23/01/2014 One World News Honduras Urged to End Lethal Violence Against Journalists 
20/01/2014 IFEX The ‘Enemy Within’: A Gay Russian Writer Talks about Homophobia and Libel under Putin 
17/01/2014 Iranian Iran: Two Poets Detained; Fears for Safety
15/01/2014 IFEX Out in the Cold: New Campaign Highlights Free Expression Violations ahead of Sochi Olympics
14/01/2014 ActuaLitté Des Écrivains Menacés par la Peine de Mort en Arabie Saoudite
14/01/2014 Iran Herald Iran – Poets and Lyricists Fatemeh Ekhtesari and Mehdi Moosavi Arrested in Iran 
13/01/2014 Huffington Post Out in the Cold: Russia and the Sochi Olympic Games
11/01/2014 The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information Prominent Saudi Writer’s Safety at Risk After Arrest 
11/01/2014 Besta Nûçe PEN Campaign for Muharrem Erbey
11/01/2014 Human Rights in Turkey Muharrem Erbey: Another Victim of Turkey’s Anti-Terror Law 
10/01/2014 IFEX Turkish Human Rights Lawyer Prepares for Hearing after 4 Years in Jail
01/01/2014 ICORN Eritrea under UN Scrutiny in Geneva: ICORN Guest Writers Taking Part

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