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PEN International celebrates literature and promotes freedom of expression. Founded in 1921, our global community of writers now spans more than 100 countries. Our campaigns, events, publications and programmes aim to connect writers and readers wherever they are in the world. PEN International is a non-political organisation and holds special consultative status at the United Nations.

In a world where independent voices are increasingly stifled, PEN is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.’
Margaret Atwood, PEN Vice President.



‘When another writer in another house is not free, no writer is free. This, indeed, is the spirit that informs the solidarity felt by PEN, by writers all over the world.’
Orhan Pamuk, Nobel Prize Laureate, Arthur Miller Freedom to Write Lecture at the PEN World Voices Festival, 2006.


In time of division between countries, PEN International is one of the rare institutions to keep a bridge constantly open.’
Mario Vargas Llosa, Former PEN International President and Nobel Laureate.



‘My respect for this organization [PEN] has no borders and among the organizations that help writers, PEN has been so fierce, so consistent and ferocious in its efforts that is difficult to ignore their worldwide fame and their impact.’
Toni Morrison, 2008 PEN/Borders Literary Service Award.

21/05/2015 Reuters Activists alarmed about Indian laws curbing free speech amid charity crackdown
21/05/2015 India Gazette Groups call on India to repeal laws threatening free expression, democracy
03/05/2015 OAS En el Día Mundial de la Libertad de Prensa…
03/05/2015 Jakarta Post View point: Let journalism thrive! Fighting the tyrants of information
01/05/2015 The Guardian World Press Freedom Day: call to protect freedom of expression
01/05/2015 The Guardian Not in our name: World Press Freedom Day 116 days after Charlie Hebdo
29/04/2015 The Guardian Enoh Meyomesse, Cameroonian writer and activist, released from prison
18/04/2015 Buenos Aires Herald Int’l comeback for writers’ group
14/03/2015 The Guardian Writers demand greater protection for refugees in Europe
13/04/2015 DW 1,000 European authors stand up for refugees’ rights
24/02/2015 La Prensa Meza: “se trata de sembrar el terror”
24/02/2015 Censos Estado es responsable de la desaparición de los 43 normalistas: PEN Internacional
24/02/2015 Proceso “Falta voluntad política” a Peña para frenar ataques a periodistas: Pen Internacional
23/02/2015 La Prensa Granada se viste de poesía
23/02/2015 La Prensa Se inaugura fiesta de la poesía
23/02/2015 La Prensa Protesta contra Canal en Festival
23/02/2015 Tiempo Exigen la libertad de expresión por los periodistas mexicanos
23/02/2015 La Prensa “No hay libertad de expresión”
23/02/2015 La Prensa Secretos son la ruina del Canal
22/02/2015 El Universal Alzan la voz por los periodistas mexicanos asesinados
22/02/2015 La Jornada Poniatowska llama a actuar contra la impunidad; recibe Premio PEN
20/02/2015 Confidencial Pen Internacional: ¿Cuál es el estado de la libertad de prensa en Centroamérica?
20/02/2015 Sinembargo Gioconda Belli: “En Nicaragua han muerto el debate y la crítica”
20/02/2015 Aristegui Noticas Reportera de MVS, Poniatowska y Mastrogiovanni, obtienen Premio PEN México
20/02/2015 Confidencial PEN internacional organiza debate sobre concesión canalera “Rendición incondicional de Nicaragua”
19/02/2015 Adital Conferencia discutirá violencia contra periodistas y estrategias para combatirla en las Américas
17/02/2015 Sinembargo El PEN Club premia la defensa de los derechos humanos y el periodismo de investigación
16/02/2015 Gnomes PEN Americas Summit: PEN delegation in Honduras calls for greater protection for writers and launches award for investigative journalism
11/02/2015 Reforma Agendan discusiones sobre caso Ayotzinapa
11/02/2015 SinEmbargo Integrantes de PEN Internacional se reunirán en México
10/02/2015 El Diari Integrantes de PEN Internacional se reunirán en México
10/02/2015 Publimetro Integrantes de PEN Internacional se reunirán en México
10/02/2015 Rotativo Integrantes de PEN Internacional se reunirán en México
08/02/2015 Radio Formula Denuncian muerte de 32 periodistas en Honduras en últimos cuatro años
08/02/2015 UniRadio Noticas Denuncian muerte de 32 periodistas en Honduras en últimos cuatro años
01/02/2015 El Universal El PEN Colombia de escritores busca jóvenes talentos
31/01/2015 La Nacion Escribir en prisión: la literatura amenazada por la política
30/01/2015 Elnuevidiaro Todo listo para el Festival Internacional de Poesía
24/01/2015 Helsinki Times Press looks at future after “Charlie”
19/01/2015 Wales Online Charlie Hebdo attacks are a timely reminder of why we need the new Wales PEN Cymru
16/01/2015 Informed Comment ‘State of War’ & Surveillance won’t help Press Freedom after ‘Charlie’
15/01/2015 Global Issues Press Looks at Future After “Charlie”
15/01/2015 Inter Press Service Press Looks at Future After “Charlie”
08/01/2015 The National Liberty or Death?
14/01/2015 Iran Human Rights Leading Writers Association PEN International Condemns Sotoudeh’s Sentence and Calls for Action
14/01/2015 WAN IFRA Journalism After Charlie Hebdo
14/01/2015 Books Live PEN International Criticises Certain Heads of State for Double Standards on Charlie Hebdo
11/01/2015 Voxxi News editors hesitate to publish Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons
09/01/2015 Books Live PEN condemns savage attack on French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo
07/01/2015 CNW PEN appalled by savage attack on Charlie Hebdo
08/01/2015 World News Report PEN appalled by savage attack on Charlie Hebdo
08/01/2015 Literary Festivals PEN condemns savage attack on French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo
08/01/2015 Global Post To publish or not to publish Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons?
08/01/2015 Cambodia Times Free speech advocates condemn attack on Charlie Hebdo
07/01/2015 PRNewswire PEN appalled by savage attack on Charlie Hebdo
11/01/2015 The Media Line Turkey’s Anti-Democratic Crackdown on Media Intensifies
05/01/2015 Zaman NY Times: Erdoğan’ın karikatüre tahammülü yok
04/01/2015 Publico Presidente da Turquia não gosta de se ver desenhado em cartoons
03/01/2015 The New York Times Turkey’s President Traces a New Internal Threat: The Way He’s Drawn

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