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12/12/2013 IFEX International Appeal: Writers Against Mass Surveillance
30/10/2013 Publishing Perspectives After 15 Years, PEN International Finally Opens in Myanmar 
29/10/2013 Arts Freedom Kazakhstan: Imprisoned Poet Atabek Moved to Unknown Location 
10/10/2013 All Africa Liberia: PEN International Welcomes 30-day ‘Compassionate Release’ of Liberian Publisher Rodney Sieh
21/09/2013 One World News PEN Denounces Mass Digital Surveillance
19/09/2013 Dispatch Online Young Author Brings Home PEN International Award 
19/09/2013 The Tibet Post ‘Allow Independent Journalists in Tibet': PEN International to China
17/09/2013 Translating Taksim Support for Two of Many Prisoners in Turkey
13/09/2013 Books LIVE Masande Ntshanga wins the PEN International New Voices Award 2013 
12/09/2013 James Murua’s Literature Blog South African Wins PEN International’s Inaugural New Voices Award 
26/06/2013 Bahrain Center for Human Rights Call to Action on Bahrain
08/05/2013 The Huffington Post PEN International: Mobilizing Writers to Defend Free Speech
07/05/2013 All Africa Chad: Anti-Corruption Blogger Charged with Defamation in Chad
04/05/2013 Bangkok Post Writers press China on media freedom
04/05/2013 Phayul Xi a ‘predator of freedom of information’
03/05/2013 The Atlantic Murong Xuecun on China’s ‘Crappy Freedom’
03/05/2013 Epoch Times Literary Festival Highlights Repression in China
03/05/2013 Reuters Chinese dissident urges U.S. to ensure family’s fair treatment
03/05/2013 Global Post Writers press China on media freedom
03/05/2013 IFEX Report on creativity and constraint in China
03/05/2013 TwinCities.com (AP) World Press Freedom Day: Authors Say Protests Help
03/05/2013 BBC World Service Interview with John Ralston Saul and Salman Rushdie – interview begins 32:30 
03/05/2013 France 24 Writers press China on media freedom
03/05/2013 The Guardian Plea for Artistic Freedom in China
03/05/2013 The Guardian Writers around the world call on China to respect freedom of expression
02/05/2013 The Atlantic Salman Rushdie on Chinese Censorship
02/05/2013 El Economista Pide el PEN libertad de expresión y a la creatividad en China
02/05/2013 TSL Letter to the Editor: Artistic Freedom in China
28/03/2013 Le Courrier (Switzerland) Disons non à la persécution des femmes
11/03/2013 Tribune de Genève Femmes de plume persécutées
08/03/2013 El Mundo (Venezuela) Observarán “muy de cerca” lo que haga el nuevo Gobierno venezolano
08/03/2013 Terra PEN Club: México debe mejorar defensa de periodistas o arriesgará democracia
07/03/2013 Informador Denuncian ante ONU agresiones contra periodistas en México
07/03/2013 El Debate Se incrementa la violencia contra periodistas
07/03/2013 Yancuic Elevado número de agresiones a periodistas: PEN
06/03/2013 Terra Escritor Ralston Saul urge a México a actuar para defender a los periodistas
06/03/2013 El Economista Libertad de expresión: poder para la gente y los gobiernos
21/02/2013 Público O Manifesto de Girona e os “fatos com-seus-medos”
04/02/2013 El Universel Carlos Vásquez-Zawadski: Pen Colombia de Escritores en Cartagena
03/02/2013 El Universel La libertad de los escritores
28/01/2013 Hurryiet Daily News PEN condemns life sentence meted out to Selek
26/01/2013 El Universal En el Hay Festival, se habla de impunidad
24/01/2013 Die Welt Lebenslänglich für Soziologin nach drei Freisprüchen
11/01/2013 The Guardian Turkish writers’ group investigated for ‘insulting state’
11/01/2013 Cumhuriyet PEN yönetiminden Fazıl Say ifadesi
11/01/2013 Eksi Sozluk türkiye’nin pen’e soruşturma açması
11/01/2013 Bianet Fazıl Say’a Davayı Kınayan PEN Türkiye’ye Soruşturma
11/01/2013 Evvel PEN Türkiye Merkezi’ne Soruşturma!
11/01/2013 OdaTV PEN Türkiye Merkezi’ne 301 davası
11/01/2013 Sozcu PEN’e Fazıl Say soruşturması
11/01/2013 Evrensel PEN, 301’den ifade verdi
11/01/2013 Hurriyet Türkiye’den PEN’e soruşturma


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