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16/12/2014 The Guardian Arrests of Turkish journalists widely condemned across the world
12/12/2014 Newsweek Turkish Authors Accused of Criticising Government on Behalf of West
12/12/2014 The Guardian Turkish novelists Orhan Pamuk and Elif Shafak accused of being Western stooges by pro-government press
3/12/2014 Dhaka Tribune PEN concern over Bergman’s punishment
2/12/2014 The Telegraph British journalist found guilty of contempt in Bangladesh
2/12/2014 The Guardian British journalist found guilty of contempt in Bangladesh
30/11/2014 City Press Hottest novel of the year 
22/11/2014 Forbes Asia: Journalists Killed, Jailed And Otherwise Intimidated With Governments Complicit
22/11/2014 The Daily Star (Bangladesh) When the pen is mightier than the sword
21/11/2014 Mail & Guardian Getting under the skin of the new SA with Masande Ntshanga
17/11/2014 CNN Turk (Turkey) Uluslararası PEN’in Dünya Hapisteki Yazarlar Günü
16/11/2014 Medyatava (Turkey) PEN, ‘Dünya Hapisteki Yazarlar Günü’nde basın toplantısı düzenledi!
16/11/2014 Zaman (Turkey) Devlet, kendisi gibi olmayandan öç alıyor
15/11/2014 Irish Times Writers’ group PEN champions jailed poet Mahvash Sabet
14/11/2014 NPR In Support Of Persecuted Colleagues, Writers Turn To Letters
14/11/2014 ActuaLitté Une journée mondiale en hommage aux écrivains prisonniers
14/11/2014 La Nación (Paraguay) Escritores sientan postura ante la condena de Nelson Aguilera
14/11/2014 La Nación (Argentina)  Instan a los gobiernos a liberar a escritores “injustamente” presos
14/11/2014 The Guardian Day of the Imprisoned Writer: Dieudonné Enoh Meyomesse
14/11/2014 Deutsche Welle (China)  高瑜的冬天
14/11/2014 Deutsche Welle (Germany) Gao Yu: Gefangen, aber nicht vergessen
14/11/2014 Deutsche Welle Gao Yu: Imprisoned, but not silenced
13/11/2014 VOF (Central Asia) Письмо надежды: Азимжан, ты не одинок
13/11/2014 The Guardian Day of the Imprisoned Writer: Gao Yu
13/11/2014 IFEX PEN hace un llamamiento a los gobiernos para que liberen a escritores injustamente encarcelados
13/11/2014 IFEX Jour de l’écrivain emprisonné: PEN International appelle les gouvernements à libérer les écrivains injustement emprisonnés
12/11/2014 The Guardian Day of the Imprisoned Writer: Nelson Aguilera
11/11/2014 The Guardian Day of the Imprisoned Writer: Azimjon Askarov
11/11/2014 Bahá’í World News Service International writers plea for release of imprisoned Iranian Baha’i leader
11/11/2014 O Globo Carles Torner, poeta e escritor: ‘Há 900 escritores presos no mundo’
10/11/2014 The Star Day of the Imprisoned Writer : ‘You can’t see the sorrow after lights out’
10/11/2014 The Guardian Day of the Imprisoned Writer: Mahvash Sabet
10/11/2014 The Guardian Leading authors mount international open-letter protest to defend 900 persecuted writers
04/11/2014 Tiempo PEN, Honduras
30/10/2014 Liberian Observer PEN Congress Approves Liberia Center
28/10/2014 Electronic Frontier Foundation EFF Calls for the Release of Vietnamese Blogger Dang Xuan Dieu
27/10/2014 Heritage Liberia PEN Liberia goes International
24/10/2014 La Nacion Cinco días en Kirguistán, entre yurts y escritores
24/10/2014 Global Voices Kyrgyzstan Ready to Adopt Gay Propaganda Law
23/10/2014 Books Live Interview with Margie Orford: Freedom of Expression Can Never be Seen as a “Nice to Have” Right
21/10/2014 Radio Free Asia PEN International Resolution to Protect Tibetan Language
21/10/2014 CNW Jailed Saudi blogger receives PEN Canada’s One Humanity Award
20/10/2014 Books Live Margie Orford Elected to the Board of PEN International
17/10/2014 Panorama>>AM Europe to condemn persecution of Azerbaijani journalists Khadija Ismaylova
16/10/2014 Reporters Without Borders Stop Harassment and Legal Action Against Leading Investigative Journalist
15/10/2014 The Knight Center for Journalism, University of Texas TV news anchor banned in Honduras as press freedoms continue to deteriorate
15/10/2014 Books Live Introducing Masande Ntshanga’s Explosive Debut Novel, The Reactive
08/10/2014 London Review of Books Blog In Bishkek
08/10/2014 Phayul PEN International calls for freedom of speech in Tibet
06/10/2014 UNPO East Turkestan: International PEN Congress Condemns Sentencing of Ilham Tohti
05/10/2014 The New York Times Putinspeak in Kyrgyzstan
05/10/2014 The China Post International writers strike at Beijing for ‘cultural genocide’
04/10/2014 Inquirer Int’l writers hit Beijing for ‘cultural genocide’
03/10/2014 The Guardian Honduran TV news anchor banned from journalism for 16 months
03/10/2014 EurasiaNet Visiting Kyrgyzstan, PEN International Calls for Askarov’s Release
03/10/2014 UACA News The «Golden Stool» literary club in AUCA has proposed its representative from Kyrgyzstan for the 80th Congress of the PEN-club
02/10/2014 AKIPress 80th PEN International Congress members call to free 3 writers detained in Kyrgyzstan, China, Kazakhstan
02/10/2014 Barakelde Бишкекте PEN-клубунун 80-конгрессинин алкагында маданий кече өттү (фото)
02/10/2014 Gezitter Президент КР встретился с участниками конгресса PEN International
02/10/2014 Vesti В Бишкеке завершился 80-й Конгресс международного PEN-клуба
02/10/2014 KG Inform Алмазбек Атамбаев встретился с участниками Конгресса PEN International
02/10/2014 Counter Punch Президент Алмазбек Атамбаев встретился с участниками 80-го Конгресса PEN International
30/09/2014 В Бишкеке впервые проходит конгресс писателей PEN
30/09/2014 Fergana News Кыргызстан: Жена пожизненно заключенного А.Аскарова обратилась к членам конгресса Международного PEN клуба
30/09/2014 Gazeta Писатели из 80 стран мира собрались в Бишкеке
25/09/2014 Gazeta Бишкек на неделю станет столицей литературного мира
08/08/2014 الرابطة الدولية للقلم تدين قتل الصحفيين الفلسطينيين والعدوان على وسائل الاعلام الفلسطينية
المزيد على دنيا الوطن

10/07/2014 Oki Media Фоторепортаж – В Бишкеке прошла акция «Бишкек — литературная столица мира
09/07/2014 News Asia Бишкек на неделю станет столицей литературного мира
04/07/2014 24KG В Бишкеке пройдет социально-культурная акция в поддержку 80-го конгресса международного ПЕН-клуба
04/07/2014 Kabar Впервые в Бишкеке пройдет акция «Бишкек – литературная столица мира»
04/07/2014 Kyrtag
04/07/2014 Limon Life Бишкек – литературная столица мира
04/07/2014 GMA News Philippine PEN to hold literature workshop and writers forum in Naga
17/06/2014 LA Times Nobel laureates denounce Russia’s war of words with Ukraine
17/06/2014 The Guardian Russia ‘using words to destroy meaning’, say writers
16/06/2014 VOA #KeepingScore: During FIFA 2014, Rights Group Campaigning to Defend Free Expression
14/06/2014 IFEX #KeepingScore: Defend free expression at World Cup 2014
11/06/2014 LA Times PEN condemns slaying of Thai poet Mainueng K. Kunthee
31/05/2014 Liberian Observer PEN Liberian Chapter To Protect Writers
25/04/2014 Radio Progreso HN Ejercicio Periodístico se Realiza en Suelo Movedizo y en Total Indefensión
09/04/2014 Ottawa Citizen Canada should press Honduras on free speech
09/04/2014 Embassy Not too late to change Canada-Honduras trade deal
28/03/2014 The Guardian Why freedom of expression is under threat in Turkey
28/03/2014 The Guardian Turkey and Twitter: major authors join PEN International appeal end to ban
28/03/2014 Today’s Zaman Leading international literary writers join PEN in calling for greater freedom of expression in Turkey
28/03/2014 Hürriyet PEN’den Twitter ve YouTube mektubu
28/03/2014 Radikal PEN’den YouTube ve Twitter mektubu
28/03/2014 The Bookseller Major authors express Turkey concern
28/03/2014 TIME Salman Rushdie and Other Authors Urge Turkey to Lift Twitter Ban
28/03/2014 Deutsche Welle Erdogan loses own voice after seeking to silence his online critics
28/03/2014 Bianet Twitter and Youtube Letter From PEN’s Writers
25/08/2014 Myanmar Times PEN meets with Ye Htut, Suu Kyi
21/03/2014 The Guardian For World Poetry Day – dissident poets from PEN International
14/02/2014 The Sydney Morning Herald Writers on the barricades
07/02/2014 Counter Punch Honduras and Mexico: Open Season on Journalists
07/02/2014 The Moscow Times Writers Denounce Repressive Russian Laws in Open Letter
06/02/2014 The Guardian Sochi 2014: World Authors Join Protest Against Putin
06/02/2014 The Guardian Russia Today is Like a Lost Chapter from Orwell
06/02/2014 The Guardian Russian Laws Choking Free Speech Must Be Repealed Now
06/02/2014 The Guardian Salman Rushdie Leads Protest against Russian ‘Chokehold’ on Free Speech
06/02/2014 Frankfurter Allgemeine Feuilleton International Writers Urge Russia to repeal Repressing Laws 
06/02/2014 Los Angeles Times Authors call on Putin to release ‘chokehold’ on expression in Russia
06/02/2014 The New York Times A Spotlight on Mr. Putin’s Russia
06/02/2014 Le Monde JO de Sotchi : 200 Écrivains Signent une Lettre Ouverte Contre les Lois Russes Homophobes
06/02/2014 Deutsche Welle Двести писателей осудили законы, ограничивающие свободу мнений в России
06/02/2014 Gay Star News More than 200 Authors Condemn Russia’s ‘Choking’ Anti-Gay Laws
06/02/2014 Sky News Authors Slaw Russia Anti-Gay Laws
06/02/2014 The Telegraph More than 200 Leading Authors Protest Against Russia’s Anti-Gay and Blasphemy Laws 
06/02/2014 BBC News Authors Denounce ‘Choking’ Russian Laws
06/02/2014 Hindustan Times Salman Rushdie, Orhan Pamuk Urge Russia to Repeal ‘Chokehold’ Anti- Gay Laws
06/02/2014 Pink News More than 200 Leading Authors Condemn Russia’s Anti-Gay Laws as a ‘Chokehold’ on Freedom of Speech 
06/02/2014 Focus News World Authors Join Protest Against Russia’s Anti-Gay and Blasphemy Laws 
06/02/2014 The Daily Express Salman Rushdie Slams Russia’s Anti-Gay Law 
06/02/2014 Contact Music Salman Rushdie Is the Latest to Condemn Homophobic Stance Adopted by Russia
06/02/2014 Morgublaðið  Sjón í hópi rithöfunda sem mótmæla stöðu mannréttindamála í Rússlandi
06/02/2014 Visir Sjón og kollegar hans skora á Pútín
06/02/2014 KM.RU Более 200 писателей мира призвали власти РФ отменить закон о гей-пропаганде
06/02/2014 New Times Времена инквизиции закончились?
06/02/2014 Dagbladet 200 verdenskjente kulturpersonligheter raser mot Putin
06/02/2014 Eesti Päevaleht Avalik kiri: sõnavabadust lämmatavad Vene seadused tuleb tühistada
06/02/2014 Postimees Putinile avaliku kirja saatnud kirjanike seas on ka eestlasi
06/02/2014 Eesti Päevaleht Miks võtta sõna?
06/02/2014 Forbes Более 200 известных писателей призвали Россию отменитьзакон о гей-пропаганде
05/02/2014 CJFE All Eyes on Sochi: Free Expression Under Fire in Russia 
05/02/2014 AFP Leading Authors Urge Russia to Repeal ‘Chokehold’ Anti-Gay Laws 
05/02/2014 The Toronto Star ‘Global Community Needs to Hear Diversity of Russian Opinion’
04/02/2014 Democracy Digest Eritrea’s Rights Abuses Under Fire at UN Review 
04/02/2014 Article 19 Vietnam: Deteriorating Human Rights Situation Must be addressed in Geneva 
04/02/2014 Ethiopia News Forum Paradigm Shift in US & EU Approach towards Eritrea and Ethiopia 
03/02/2014 IFEX Eritrea: UN Human Rights Review is Opportunity for Government to Lift Severe Restrictions on Free Expression
03/02/2014 Uyghur Human Rights Project Uyghur PEN Member, Writer and Academic Ilham Tohti Detained; Fears for Safety
03/02/2014 Radio Canada International Honduras: Periodismo a la Sombra de la Impunidad
03/02/2014 Info Sur Hoy Honduras: Journalists’ Lives in Grave Danger 
01/02/2014 The Latino Post Honduras: A Battleground for Journalism 
31/01/2014 Los Angeles Times Report Assails Violence Against Journalists in Honduras 
28/01/2014 Cuba Periodistas Ataques Contra Prensa Hondureña se Cometen Casi en Total Impunidad
27/01/2014 Article 19 Cambodia: UN Human Rights Review as Protest Crackdown Continues 
27/01/2014 Viet Tan Group of Human Rights Organisations Host Vietnam UPR Side Event at the Palais des Nations 
27/01/2014 Radio Free Asia Cambodian Authorities Violently Disperse Beehive Radio Protest
27/01/2014 Journalism in the Americas New Report Highlights Growing Violence, Impunity in Honduras 
27/01/2014 International Business Times Honduras: Rising Violence Against Journalists Unpunished 
24/01/2014 IFEX Report: Honduras Must End Lethal Violence Against Journalists and Climate of Impunity
24/01/2014 El Heraldo Periodismo en Honduras, una Profesión de Alto Riesgo
23/01/2014 National Post Luis Horacio Nájera: In Honduras, It’s Open Season on Journalists
23/01/2014 Huffington Post Crimes of the Past, Crimes of the Future
23/01/2014 One World News Honduras Urged to End Lethal Violence Against Journalists 
20/01/2014 IFEX The ‘Enemy Within': A Gay Russian Writer Talks about Homophobia and Libel under Putin 
17/01/2014 Iranian Iran: Two Poets Detained; Fears for Safety
15/01/2014 IFEX Out in the Cold: New Campaign Highlights Free Expression Violations ahead of Sochi Olympics
14/01/2014 ActuaLitté Des Écrivains Menacés par la Peine de Mort en Arabie Saoudite
14/01/2014 Iran Herald Iran – Poets and Lyricists Fatemeh Ekhtesari and Mehdi Moosavi Arrested in Iran 
13/01/2014 Huffington Post Out in the Cold: Russia and the Sochi Olympic Games
11/01/2014 The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information Prominent Saudi Writer’s Safety at Risk After Arrest 
11/01/2014 Besta Nûçe PEN Campaign for Muharrem Erbey
11/01/2014 Human Rights in Turkey Muharrem Erbey: Another Victim of Turkey’s Anti-Terror Law 
10/01/2014 IFEX Turkish Human Rights Lawyer Prepares for Hearing after 4 Years in Jail
01/01/2014 ICORN Eritrea under UN Scrutiny in Geneva: ICORN Guest Writers Taking Part