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Without literature, there can be no meaningful freedom of expression. Without freedom of expression, there can be no meaningful literature …

The PEN International Writers Circle invites writers around the world to support our work defending and developing freedom of expression worldwide, working for the freedom of writers to write in all countries and of readers to access the texts of their choice.

PEN International currently has 146 PEN Centres in 102 countries.

Members of the PEN International Writers Circle are writers who believe that literature and freedom of expression are at the heart of a strong, vibrant society. They support PEN International’s activities to ensure that silenced, unheard and unknown voices are connected to readers and writers everywhere. The Writers Circle is essential to the ongoing success and continuation of our work.

There are several levels of support at which a new member can join. You can also decide to join for one year, and then consider renewing, or commit to two or more years now.

If you are interested in joining the Writers Circle, please contact Laura McVeigh, Executive Director:
Tel.: 0044 74 05 03 38
Email: laura.mcveigh@pen-international.org