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If you are a member of PEN

Join your Local Centre Writers in Prison Committee – PEN Writers in Prison Committee activities are coordinated through the national Centres, 64 of which have Writers in Prison Committees that carry out actions. Contact your local Centre to check if there is a Writers in Prison Committee; if not get in touch with the Writers in Prison Committee Programme Director at sara.whyatt@pen-international.org.

Join the Rapid Action Network – The Rapid Action Network issues alerts on cases of writers whose lives and liberty are at threat, providing information on the cases and advice for protest appeals: check with your national Centre to see if they have an email network to send mails to you directly or email sara.whyatt@pen-international.org

Honorary Member

PEN Centres elect individual writers at risk as “Honorary Members” and pledge to work on their behalf, establish contacts with them and their families where possible, publicise their cases and other actions. If you are interested in being involved, check with your Centre .

If you are not a PEN Member

PEN Activities are co-ordinated at a national level.

Contact the PEN Centre in your country to learn more about membership and activities. If there is no centre in your country and you are interested in setting one up please contact us for more information.

If you are unable to join a local PEN Centre, you are welcome to send Rapid Action Network appeals following advice on this web site. PEN regrets that it cannot provide individual campaign advice to non PEN members.