2013: PEN’s joint submission with PEN Guadelajara English
2013: PEN’s joint submission with PEN Guadelajara Spanish

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2014: Keeping Score at the World Cup-Mexico
2014: Third murder of a print journalist in 2014
2014: Two more murders of journalists highlight need for effective measures to end impunity
2013: PEN calls on Mexico to step up measures to end impunity for crimes against journalists
2013: A year on, PEN International renews its call for an end to the war on Mexico’s journalists, writers and bloggers
2013: PEN International report to UN warns of continued violence against journalists and writers in Mexico due to slow reform
2012: Jens Lohmann on PEN International’s Write Against Impunity Campaign
2012: ‘How many did they kill today?’ – Interview with a reporter from the north of Mexico
2012: New Law of Protection for Human Rights Defenders and Journalists
2012: G20 – Open Letter to Journalists
2012: PEN Club Mexico Issues Statement on Violence Against Journalists
2012: Mexico must do more to protect journalists: John Ralston Saul speaks to The Globe and Mail
2012: PEN International Statement – Mexican Senate Backs Federalization of Crimes against Freedom of Expression
2012: Articles on PEN International’s Mexico campaign by Hori Takerari
2012: ‘In Mexico, reporters are hunted like rabbits’ by Gillian Slovo
2012: International Women’s Day- Remembering the Murdered Women Writers of Mexico – Cathal Sheerin
2012: ON THIS DAY – Mexico, Bonifacio Cruz Santiago and Alfonso Cruz Cruz Murdered, 7 February 2008
2012: ‘To the journalists and writers of Mexico…’
2012: PEN International to Mexican Government: Killings of Journalists Must End
2012: PEN PROTESTA! Leading authors Call for Justice for Murdered Colleagues in Mexico
2012: PEN Protesta! Writers to gather at Mexico City event to denounce violence against journalists
2011: PEN members and writers across the world petition to prevent mining in Wirikuta, Mexico
2011: A Freedom of Expression Bulletin-Mexico’s War on Journalists
2011: Mexico’s War on Journalists – op-ed by John Ralston Saul
2011: Mexico Day of the Dead Campaign 2011
2011: Miguel Ángel Gutiérrez Ávila, anthropologist, author and activist
2011: Peace Committee statement on Mexico’s National March for Justice and Peace with Dignity
2008: Journalist detained for two months

Writers in Prison Committee
2013: In Veracruz, one journalist disappeared, another threatened
2013: Article 19 threatened
2013: News website editor shot dead in Chihuahua
2012: Crime reporter shot dead in Puebla
2012: Web director murdered in Baja California
2012: Leading the G20 in Killing Journalists and Writers, by Cathal Sheerin of the Writers in Prison Committee
2012: Crime reporter kidnapped and murdered in Veracruz State
2012: Another Journalist Murdered in Sonora State
2012: Journalist found dead 24 hours after being reported missing
2012: Investigative Journalist Murdered in Veracruz
2012: Poet and Translator Guillermo Fernández García Murdered in Toluca
2012: Attacks on Mexican Journalists – Why Federalization Matters by Cathal Sheerin
2012: Reporter Shot to Death in Nuevo León
2011: Another Blogger Murdered and Decapitated by the Carteles
2011: Newspaper Offices Attacked and Burned by Armed Gang
2011: Day of the Dead: PEN International and English PEN holds London vigil for murdered Mexican journalists
2011: One journalist murdered, another missing
2011: Two women journalists found strangled in Mexico City
2011: Journalist abducted in Sinaloa state found dead
2011: Journalist abducted and murdered in Veracruz state
2011: Journalist and son murdered in Mexico State
2011: Lydia Cacho threatened with death; fears for safety
2011: Two columnists murdered; one editor missing
2011: Body of disappeared journalist found
2011: Journalist acquitted after three years in prison; fears for safety
2011: Journalist disappears in Veracruz
2010: Young journalist shot dead in Michoacán
2010: Husband-and-wife journalists shot dead in Guerrero
2010: Editor missing in Veracruz
2010: In Michoacán, one journalist killed, another disappears
2010: Two journalists dead; five missing
2010: Mexico’s killing fields
2010: Newspaper publisher shot dead
2010: Another print journalist abducted and murdered
2010: Newspaper editor shot dead
2009: Online columnist murdered
2009: Two journalists killed in Chihuahua and Michoacán
2009: Second journalist murdered in Durango state
2009: Fears for safety of author Lydia Cacho
2009: Journalist killed on World Press Freedom Day
2009: Crime reporter missing2009: Crime reporter abducted and murdered
2008: WiPC 2008 Resolution-Mexico
2007: Three journalists receive death threats in Oaxaca; fears for safety following murder of colleagues