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TCTeresa Salema Cadete, born 1947, living and working in Lisbon

– President of Portuguese PEN Centre; Vice-Chair of the Writers for Peace Committee of PEN International (both until 2015)
– Full Professor at the Faculty of Letters (University of Lisbon).
– Teaching and researching in the areas of Culture Theory and History, Transdisciplinary Studies, German Culture.
– Publications: 6 novels, short stories, poems in prose, essays on Culture Theory and Culture History.
– Awards: Prizes for Novel of the Year 1982 (Writers’ Association), 1997 (Portuguese PEN).
– Last publication: Material Idea. On the Legibility of Culture. Lisbon, UCP Edições 2014

Work for the Portuguese PEN Centre and PEN International:

– Anthology online Woman in War (2004-2009)
– 3 bilingual anthologies of Portuguese PEN members in their original languages with translation into one of the PEN working languages (distributed among the participants of the PEN Congresses of 2009, 2010 and 2011)
– Conferences on PEN International concerns, in Portugal and abroad
– Participation at the teamwork that made the Bled Manifesto of the Writers for Peace Committee come true.
– Presentation of several national and international PEN Resolutions concerning the so-called “Orthographic Agreement of 1990”, illegally and unconstitutionally imposed by the Portuguese Government against the will of the majority of the Portuguese population; without fulfilling the alleged aims of unification and simplification of the language, it cuts the etymological Greek and Latin roots and separates European Portuguese from the other languages of the same family, making it difficult for school children to learn these languages.
– Organization of the WfPC meeting “Lisbon, Crossroad of Dialogue and Freedom of Expression” (26.-30.6.2013)
– Translation of many texts of PEN members.




E-mail: trcadete@googlemail.com