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Sierra Leone school clubs to expand across the country’s four regions

Sierra Leone school clubs to expand across the country’s four regions

Through campaigns, projects and events, PEN International works with PEN Centres around the world to highlight the importance of reading and writing as tools for the protection and promotion of freedom of expression, as well as for global peace-building, cultural dialogue and development. PEN Centres in collaboration with PEN International have successfully run community based programmes in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Central Asia since 2006. Key areas of activity include:

– Promotion of the role of the writer in society through literary events, debates, networking and training
– Education projects for young people and adults
– Access to literature through translation work and library programmes
– Capacity-building for PEN Centres and communities, through training, exchanges, and networking

Since 2006 PEN International has worked with over 70 PEN Centres in five world regions through its International Programmes. Whilst global in scope, the Programmes respond to and address local issues and the needs of specific PEN Centres and their communities.

In 2012 PEN International, in cooperation with PEN Centres, started a new joint initiative with the Swedish International Development Cooporation Agency. The aim of the new initiative was to support civil society and capacity building activities on community level led by PEN Centres across five world regions. By 2014 the civil society programmes have been implemented in 23 countries, you may find further information on the supported programmes below. 

Click here to view the International Programmes Exhibition displayed during Congress Bishkek 2014

For more information please contact Romana Cacchioli: Romana.cacchioli@pen-international.org