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79th International Congress – Reykjavík, Iceland 2013Digital Frontiers: Linguistic Rights and Freedom of Speech

78th International Congress –  Gyeongju, Korea 2012Literature, Media and Human Rights

77th International Congress – Belgrade, Serbia 2011Literature – Language of the World

76th International Congress –  Tokyo, Japan 2012The Environment and Literature-What can words do?

75th International Congress – Linz, Austria 2009Words, words, nothing but words

74th International Congress – Bogota, Colombia 2008The Role of the Word

73rd InternationalCongress – Dakar, Senegal 2007The World and Human Values

72nd International Congress – Berlin, Germany 2006Writing in a World Without Peace

71st International Congress – Bled, Slovenia 2005The Tower of Babel: a Blessing or a Curse?, Language of Peace: Literature as a Lingua Franca, Literature as a Safeguard of the Cultural Landscape

70th International Congress – Tromsø, Norway 2004Writers in Exile – Writers in Minority Languages

69th International Congress – Mexico City, Mexico 2003Cultural Diversity and Freedom of Expression

68th International Congress – Ohrid, Macedonia 2002Borders of Freedom/Freedom of Borders

67th International Congress – Moscow, Russia 2000Freedom of Criticism – Criticism of Freedom

66th International Congress – Warsaw 1999Farewell to the Twentieth Century

65th  International Congress – Helsinki 1998: Freedom and Indifference

64th International Congress – Edinburgh, Scotland 1997Identity and Diversity

63rd International Congress – Guadalajara, Mexico 1996Literature and Democracy

62nd International Congress – Fremantle, Western Australia 1995Contexts of Freedom:  Freedom of Expression and Cultural Diversity

61st International Congress – Prague, Czech Republic 1994Literature and Tolerance

60th International Congress – Santiago de Compostela, Galicia 1993Roads of Literature

59th International Literary Congress – Hvar/Dubrovnik, Croatia 1992Place and Destiny

58th International Congress – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1992Man In Face of Nature

57th International Congress  – Barcelona, Spain 1992The Writer And Literary Language On The Threshold Of The Third Millenium

56th International Congress – Vienna, Austria 1991New Structures of Freedom:  Literature As Diagnosis And Therapy

55th International Congress – Funchal, Madeira 1990:  Language And Literatures:  Unity And Diversity

54th International Congress – Toronto/Montreal, Canada 1989:  The Writer:  Freedom And Power

53rd International Congress – Maastricht, Netherlands 1989The End Of Ideologies

52nd International Congress – Seoul, South Korea 1988: Change And Permanency In Literature In A Rapidly Evolving Society

51st International Congress – San Juan, Puerto Rico 1987The Hero/Heroine In The Novel Of The Latin Americas

50th International Congress – Lugano, Switzerland 1987Writers And Border Literature

49th International Congress – Hamburg, West Germany 1986: Contemporary History As Reflected In Contemporary Literature

48th International Congress – New York, U.S.A. 1986The Writer’s Imagination And The Imagination Of The State

47th International Congress – Tokyo, Japan 1984:  Literature In The Nuclear Age.  Why Do We Write?';  ‘Literary Relations Between East and West – Japanese Literature In The World Today';  ‘Writers and Human Rights

46th International Congress – Caracas, Venezuela 1983Latin American Literature As A Crossroads Between The Old And The New World And Their Literary Trends.  Intercultural Exchange As A Source Of Literary Inspiration And Style

45th International Congress – Lyons, France 1981:  Literature: Hope for a Crisis-Ridden World

44th International Congress – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1979Literary Expression and Mass Communication;  Literature and The Child

43rd  International Congress – Stockholm, Sweden 1978:  Literature in Disguise

42nd International Congress – Sydney, Australia 1977:  Literature A Bridge Between Asian and European Cultures

41st International Congress – London, England 1976‘The Truth of Imagination’

40th International Congress  – Vienna, Austria 1975:  ‘Thirty Years of Peace for European Writers’

39th International Congress – Jerusalem 1974Cultural Heritage and Creativeness in the Literature of Our Times

38th International Congress – Dublin, Ireland 1971The Changing Face of Literature:  A Discussion and Evaluation of Developments Over The Past Fifty Years

37th International Congress – Seoul, South Korea 1970Humour in Literature – East and West

36th International Congress – Menton, France 1968: Literature in the Age of Leisure

35th International Congress  – Abidjan, Ivory Coast 1967:  Legends and Mythologies As A Source of Inspiration in Arts and Literature;  Men Between Two Languages; Traditional Values in Societies Undergoing Social Transformation

34th International Congress – New York, U.S.A. 1966The Writer As Independent Spirit

33rd International Congress  – Bled, Yugoslavia 1965The Writer and Contemporary Society

32nd International Congress  – Oslo, Norway 1964The Writer and Semantics – Literature as Concept, Meaning and Expression

31st International Congress  – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1960An Interchange of Evaluations of the Cultures of East and West, and of National and International Literature

30th International Congress  – Frankfurt, W. Germany 1958Imaginative Literature In The Age of Science

29th International Congress September – Tokyo, Japan 1957The Reciprocal Influences of the Literature’s of the East and the West

28th International Congress –  London, England 1956The Author and The Public

27th International Congress – Vienna, Austria 1955

26th International Congress  – Amsterdam, Holland 1954Contemporary Experiments in Literary Expression

25th International Congress – Dublin, Ireland 1953The Literature of Peoples Whose Language Restricts Wide Recognition

24th International Congress – Nice, France 1952La Jeune Generation et la Literature

23rd International Congress – Lausanne, Switzerland 1951Literature and History

22nd International Congress –  Edinburgh, Scotland 1950

21st International Congress –Venice, Italy 1949 

20th International Congress – Copenhagen, Denmark 1948The Art of Prose

19th International Congress – Zurich, Switzerland 1947

18th International Congress – Stockholm, Sweden 1946

International Conference held in London, U.K. in 1944 to commemorate the tercentenary of the publication of Milton’s Areopagitica:  Freedom of Expression

17th International Congress  September – London, United Kingdom 1941Writers in Freedom

International PEN Congress due to be held in Stockholm in June 1939 is cancelled due to the onset of war. Individual Centres hold internal conferences with different themes.

16th International PEN Congress – Prague, 1938

15th International PEN Congress – Paris, France 1937

14th International Congress  – Buenos Aires, Argentina 1936

13th International Congress – Barcelona, Spain 1935

11th International Congress – Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia 1933

10th International Congress  – Budapest, Hungary 1932

9th InternationalCongress – The Hague, Netherlands 1931

7th International Congress 1929

6th International Congress 1928

5th International Congress – Brussels, Belgium, 1927

4th International Congress – Berlin, Germany 1926

3rd International Congress – Paris, France 1925

2nd International 1924

1st International Congress – London, England 1923