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Keeping Score at the World Cup

Wednesday 11 June 2014 - 7:09pm

11 June 2014

PEN launches campaign in defence of freedom of expression

As Brazil comes under the spotlight for the 2014 World Cup PEN International is launching a global online campaign calling on Brazil and other participating countries to respect and protect the fundamental right to freedom of expression.

'Freedom of expression is the corner stone of democracy. A democratic society cannot function without an active commitment to freedom of expression. As the world turns its attention to Brazil, we must demand that the host and participating countries make this commitment and that those individuals being persecuted for this most basic right are not forgotten.' – said PEN International Executive Director, Carles Torner.

The campaign ‘Keeping Score’ asks PEN members and individuals around the world to share information on individual cases and threats to freedom of expression.

To join this campaign please click on the cards below.


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